International Management Consulting

Hansen & Co Management is an independent management company founded in 2001 by Susan Hansen executing

international business projects in the American, European & Scandinavian market for branded and concept consumer goods.


We execute assignments as your out-sourcing export manager with time & assignment defined according to your needs.


  • If you need the right penetration strategy for the European or American market, having made first attempts, however want to optimize these.
  • If you lack knowhow on a specific European market.
  • If you need local follow-up on your existing leads with local market/language knowledge to optimize contact.


  • If you intend an efficient hands-on penetration of the Scandinavian and European  market, we already work with professional partners, agents, distributor and retailers.
  • If you already have an international network of sales partners in Europe, however wish to optimize the result of the present activities.
  • If you would like to focus on developing new collections, strengthen your production, and organization, you can out-source your market development to us.